Friday, December 10, 2010

Scrounge Baking

I was supposed to be heading up to Maine this morning to spend the weekend with girlfriends getting some crafting done for the holidays. My husbands car decided to act up last night so he has my car today to go to work and the girls are crafting without me. To kill some time this afternoon I decided to do some scrounge baking.

Since I was headed to Maine this weekend and NY next week to see my folks the cupboards are bare so I had to scrounge around for ingredients. This is what I found:

A refrigerator pie crust that was due to expire soon. An opened jar or pumpkin butter that should really get used up before it goes bad too.

I decided that these, along with some pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon, I could say goodbye to fall in grand style by making a Pumpkin Butter Strudel!

I unrolled the pie crust onto some waxed paper on a baking sheet, sprinkled on about 3 Tbs brown sugar and maybe 1 tsp cinnamon, (You weren't really expecting exact measurements here, were you? This is scrounge baking after all!) about a half a cup of pecans, and what was left of the pumpkin butter...maybe a cups worth, give or take.

I rolled this up into a strudel like shape and sprinkled on some more brown sugar, just because I like the sugar crunch on top of my strudel. Baked it at 375 for 40 min.

Check it out! All strudely goodness! It smells amazing and I think it'll be a great dessert tonight after the pulled pork sammiches, vinegar cole slaw and chips that are dinner! Good thing I left they guys with enough dinner food so there is enough for me too!

I'd love to hear about and see more scrounge baking! I know some of you do it too!


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